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"This engaging book illustrates various aspects of psychic phenomena
along with exercises which can be used to enhance one’s own psychic
abilities. A must read for anyone seeking to expand the scope of his
or her sixth sense."

–Mark Anthony,
"The Psychic Lawyer"

Teresa effectively brings intuition into the everday where
it can help readers lead more directed, enriched, and fulfilled

Full of diverse tips for intuition development and stories that
clearly illustrate how intuition aligns us to our true power, this
is a must read for anyone who suspects that their own best answers
lie within themselves.

Now is the best time to access them.

–Melissa Wadsworth,
dream life coach and creative intuitive

Intuition is the basis of a healthy and happy life.

Teresa Brady’s book is a practical, insightful and completely
readable exploration of intuition.

Her book serves as an introduction, guide and reference to those
who are new to the world of intuition as well as those with
years of experience.

–Denny Waxman,
is an internationally-renowned teacher, counselor and writer in the fields of health, natural healing and macrobiotics.