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Rainy Days and Sixth Sense Development

on Thu, 03/24/2011 - 22:32

Some people feel sad and unproductive on cloudy or rainy days. Although it is a common societal feeling to react that way, it really is foolish to get too caught up in nature’s necessary balancing cycles.

          Try to remember that every day is a snapshot of the ongoing infinite changes to be experienced by all of us as nature’s precious creation.

          Probably the easiest and most productive way to handle the rainy day blues is to pre-plan what you will do on such a day, not just as a distraction but as part of your on-going sixth sense development. Let me share the example of what my friend, Malcolm does.

          On rainy days, Malcolm has a mental “pre-plan” in place, spending a small part of the day in active re-creation.         If it’s a rainy work day, he takes a different route to get there or gets in a little earlier. On a non-work day, he deviates at least part of the day from his routine. He may fix something around the house or go somewhere, an exhibit, for example, that he’s not been to before. Above all, he uses the time to mentally regroup by clearing his head and visualizing what changes he’d like in his life in the next few months. Not only does he claim this is a great attitude adjustment, but without any effort he receives enlightenment and new perspective in the form of new ideas or guidance to help him make the positive changes he wants in his work and personal life. 

          Remember, a rainy day guarantees a beautiful sunny day to come. Deviate a bit from the routine and watch some positive change occur in the energy in and around you, thereby opening your mind, body and spirit to new and better experiences.

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