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How to Squash Sixth Sense Abilities

on Thu, 03/10/2011 - 14:14

Most of what I write and what other authors write about sixth sense development focus on how to develop the sixth sense. Let’s look at the opposite way of developing the sixth sense. Instead of what develops it, what actually hinders your sixth sense abilities? The five biggest offenders follow:

1. Inviting negativity of any kind into your life.

2. Skimping on sleep.

3. Eating junk food.

4. Blocking yourself from allowing newness into your life.

5. Not believing the sixth sense is at work for even the little things in our life.

We are all a little guilty of the blockers, but let’s try to avoid them, allowing all good things to enter our lives, taking better care of ourselves and then watch how well our sixth sense develops on its own.

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