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Go Within

on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 00:03

You often hear “go within, the answers are there,” which means your inner voice contains the information you need to help with life’s crises, large and small.

Some people get discouraged, claiming to not be able to hear the voice because answers do not “pop out” clearly and at will.

Although “going within” will bring the answers you need, you need to adhere to a program of “going within” to give it time to work and to accustom yourself to the method of response and the inward feeling that comes with it.

Even with your hectic schedule, you can go within and employ the universal consciousness think of the process similar to how we may handle requests during a business day, only this exercise will be done just before you fall asleep:

1.Begin with a spirit of gratitude, similar to smiling and saying hello to everyone on the way into work.

2.Next, before you fall asleep, breathe deeply and quiet the chatter of your mind, similar to “settling yourself” just as you get to your work station but before you actually begin to tackle the day’s tasks.

3. Ask for specific guidance from the universal consciousness. Ask that the message be clear so that you will not miss it, similar to the contents of a demand letter.

4. Lastly, give thanks, just as you would at the end of a letter, email or telephone call.

So you see, even with your hectic schedule help from the universal consciousness can be worked in, even if it’s done for just a few minutes before bedtime.



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