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About Teresa Brady

Teresa Brady
Teresa Brady, prominent attorney and sixth sense intuitive, has taken her sixth sense knowledge, skills and tools and summarized them in Ignite Your Psychic Intuition.

By simplifying and launching sixth sense development into mainstream thought, Teresa demystifies the complexities of sixth sense advancement, making it applicable to every part of life.  In Ignite Your Psychic Intuition, Teresa does what she knows best, to empower, encourage and improve the lives of all those who seek her advice.

Teresa has spent decades studying and developing the sixth sense. Over the years, friends, family, colleagues and clients from everywhere have sought Teresa out for her wisdom and insight.  She always gives encouragement for the future to those who feel discouraged.

In addition to her sixth sense studies, Teresa’s successful professional career is far reaching.  She is an attorney in private practice.  Her education includes a BA, MBA and JD.  She attended Harvard University for post graduate studies.  Teresa is the former head of a business school, professor, business consultant and author of numerous trade and scholarly articles on law and business. She’s a winner of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s40 under 40” Award and was presented with the Academic World Star from Moscow External University of the Humanities.

Teresa is one of the guest hosts for TV’s, Abington News and Views.  She enjoys lecturing to groups large and small, and always engages her audience with the depth of her knowledge, wisdom and warmth. She has the unique ability to move freely from complex business and legal matters to matters of the sixth sense.

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